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We all get it.

Traffic jams. Elevators stalling.

Slow walkers. Fast talkers.

We all need a special place to let it all go.

We are

The Rage

A safe mobile combat sports experience.



When someone drinks the last bit of coffee and doesn’t start a new drip. When someone orders food but doesn’t want to tip. 

We’ve all been there. Rage is a part of life. And just like any emotion keeping it bottled up does no one any good. We are a positive outlet to let out some of that negative energy in a fun productive way.

Our state of the art laser tag and combat archery systems will keep you and friends entertained for hours. 
Free-for-all's, team battles, capture the flag, and more.

Find us throughout the week at local parks and fields where we host battles. Schedule your own games and let us bring the fun to you. The terrain is always changing and the game is always evolving.

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Ready to go Rage?

Call/Text Us @

(352) 474-3828

Price change occurred on 11/01/19; site was adjusted to reflect correct price.

The Rage

Phone: 352-474-3828

Email: ragekings@rageville.com

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