Archery Tag

Here at The Rage we take pride in our equipment. We do our best to provide gear that is safe, unique, and especially fun! 

"What is Archery Tag?" you might ask. The best explanation is a combination of dodge-ball and archery. That's right! Imagine being armed with bow and arrow and launching them at your foes! 

The Archery Tag system is specially designed to be safe and fun. This high intensity game can have you sweating in no time.

The Archery Tag system comes with bows, foam-tipped arrows, and safety masks for each player. 

The bows are rated with a 20 pound draw so no matter how much you pull the string back they are limited in their firing strength. 

The arrows are foam-tipped with a patented arrow head that is designed to cause very little damage. 

The masks are designed to give full range of vision all while providing protection of the face. 

Instructions on how to play and how to use the equipment will be given at each event

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