The Brothers

The Rage was started by three brothers: Michael (Mikey), Elijah(Big Fish), and Joseph (Flaco) Gurman. Michael and Elijah were born in Gainesville and Joseph was born in North Carolina. The Brothers grew up from a very young age in Gainesville and have spent most of their lives in the city. They all attended Elementary, Middle, and High School while in Gainesville. The town has a very special place in their hearts. They want to bring love and joy back to the town that gave them so much fun by allowing others to experience excitement in real-time without the fear of getting harmed.


The brothers spent a vast majority of their childhood playing video games and allowing their imagination to run wild. As they grew up they moved away from their long hours of playing video games to fulfill their responsibilities... but they haven't allowed their imagination to be fettered. Each brother is bringing something special to the table. However there is no shortage of charisma, ingenuity, hard-work, and a love for making others smile between the three of them. With their ideas coming to life they will turn normal into special and extraordinary!


Big Fish


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The Rage

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